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Oct 8, 2011   ~~~   Our Church


A Message from Pastor Sente


Dear Church Family,

Ten years ago the Alliance Bible Fellowship (Filipino Congregation) and the Lynnwood Alliance Church (Caucasian Congregation) decided to become one. The merged congregation voted to name the church, Community Bible Fellowship (CBF). It has been the church’s name until today (10/07/2011) when the Secretary of State of the State of Washington legally approved the church’s new name, the International Bible Christian Fellowship (IBCF) of Lynnwood, WA.

What’s with the new name? In the first few meetings of the leadership of the two congregations to discuss the direction of the Community Bible Fellowship God gave them the vision to make the church a multi-cultural congregation. As of today the church is being represented by Caucasians (Americans and Canadian), Filipinos, Koreans, and second generation Vietnamese and Japanese. Looking back at the vision that God gave to the church leaders ten years ago we realized that we still have a lot to do to fulfill it. We want to see more people coming from different culture, race, tribes, and ethnicity to be a part of our church family worshiping one God in different ways and languages. For this reason, we’ve decided to change our name to something that would reflect the mission and vision of the church. A name that would be more welcoming and embracing of people from different ethnicity. After going through two rounds of name selection from seventeen entries the congregation voted the International Bible Christian Fellowship to be the church’s new name.

We know that changing the church’s name is just the beginning of a big task that God has for us. There are still a lot of things that needs to be done to fulfill God’s vision for the church. The Word of God must be unashamedly preached to the lost irregardless of their gender, race, color, or nationality. We must tirelessly touch others with the love of Christ irregardless of their economic or immigration status. Not forgetting that we must continuously nourish our faith with the Word of God to the deepen our spiritual roots and walk in Jesus Christ through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Please pray for the International Bible Fellowship that we would be able to fulfill God’s vision for the church.

Your Co-laborer In Christ,

Pastor Doods

P.S.: Please visit IBCF’s new website: www.ibcfellowship.org and “like” us in Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

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