Taste of IBCF – November 5th

Oct 28, 2011   ~~~   Outreach Ministry, Youth Ministry

 The ‘Taste of IBCF’ is coming soon (Saturday, November 5th @ 5pm) and we wanted to provide an update and reminder with some FAQ’s…

  1. How much food should I prepare?
    We will be contacting all cooks via email about how much food they should prepare a week before the event. The reason why we’re selling tickets is so that we can have an accurate count to provide the cooks. However, they should keep in mind that each participant will only get a small “tasting” portion of each dish. Depending on the dish, each tasting portion is about 1/4 of a regular sized portion.
  2. If I cook something, will I have to buy a ticket?
  3. If I’m a youth volunteer, will I have to pay to eat?
    No, but we’re only accepting 4 volunteers. So, make sure to sign up with Chau immediately!
  4. How will my food be served if it’s a blind tasting?
    You will bring the food to Chau in the kitchen. She will need to know the name of your dish, then you dish will be assigned a number. When the food is served, the tasters will see the dish’s name and number. They will vote for whichever number they like best.
  5. What will be the judging criteria?
    Taste and appearance! When you deliver your dishes, be sure to prepare a regular sized serving that we can display so that tasters can get the full affect prior to eating. Example, if your dish is a soup, then you can display a bowl of soup topped with green onions on the side that each taster can observe while picking up their soup samples.



Join us for a Taste of IBCF!

Join us on Saturday, November 5th, at 5pm for our first Taste of IBCF! This will be a fun filled evening which will provide food and entertainment while raising funds for our Youth Ministry.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Make your favorite dish or dishes from one of the categories: Appetizer/Salad, Main Dish, and Dessert

  • Submit your entry or entries for judging

  • The entries will be presented with only the name of the disk, and not the name of who entered it…. so don’t reveal what you entered:)

  • There will be a prize for the winner – judged by the ‘tasters’ participating

To particpate in the tasting:

  • The entry fee for tasting and judging all of the wonderful food is $5 per person

  • Each taster will receive a small portion of each dish, and will vote on their favorite dish from each category

  • You will get to taste all of the entries and vote for the winner

  • There will be great food, great people, and entertainment

Mark your calendars!


Taste of IBCF




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